Monday, November 7, 2016

Service on Service on Service

This week was good! As you can read in the title, we had a ton of service this week. Working a lot with wood, breaking it apart from these crates and stuff, and also we were digging up dirt and concrete with picks and shovels at the house of a member so that she can put in grass! 

We went to Rio Gallegos again for a Zone Meeting this week. It was pretty cool and the messages were focused a bit on unity within ourselves as missionaries, companions, and branches. As well as following the guide of the Holy Ghost in our lives! It was pretty cool, and I always learn a lot from them. Plus it's fun to see other missionaries...because otherwise we are just stuck in Calafate with us 4. It can get lonely at times . . . haha.

The branch this Sunday was packed!!! The most I have seen so far! I think there were like 50 or something. It was crazy because we only had like 20 last week. And something super cool happened! There were some tourists, just a guy and his wife, who came to Sacrament meeting! They were from Apine, Utah, and the guy served in Northern Argentina. Guess where? Yep! Resistencia! He got back in 2012 so he missed Christopher by a bit, but we were able to talk with them, and it was so weird to speak in English at church! 

I'm counting down the days until I can talk with you guys on Christmas! It will be so fun to see you guys again and talk for a bit. I'm working on my Spanish so I can impress you guys...but don't have any high expectations....I still can't understand people a decent amount of the time so....yeah.

I was reading in Joseph Smith History yesterday, and I received a strong witness when I was reading that his words are true! He saw God the Father and His son, Jesus Christ in a grove of trees. And he was directed to start this church. Following the teachings of Jesus Christ and our latter-day prophets are the only way to have true happiness, or rather, joy, in this life. How blessed we are to have the gospel in our lives!

I also want to let you guys know that I'm having a lot of fun now! I think I'm kind of getting over the slump you might say in the mission. I am having a lot more fun, I know I am here for the right reason, and the time is just starting to go by faster! I feel very blessed to be here, bringing others to Christ. Every day I get to focus on Jesus Christ! No other distractions. No school. No homework. Nothing. Just me, my companion, the Lord, and the spirit trying our best to invite others to Christ! Que grandioso es mi llamamiento!!!