Saturday, June 25, 2016

First Letter Home

Hola familia!
My Spanish is coming along pretty well actually, and I can say a lot, but I won't type in Spanish yet because it takes a little longer y no tengo mucho tiempo para escribir esto ahora! But anyways!! It's been crazy here the first couple of days. I guess I'll just give you a run down of how it went from the second I got off the curb. So Monica and Gary dropped me off, and basically there were a ton of missionaries lined up along the curb that had already been here for like three weeks or whatever, but they were all going crazy for every single car that pulled up. So I got out of the car, grabbed my bags, a Host Missionary helped me get my stuff, they slapped a name tag on me, and I was ready to go. Then I went to my classroom which I have all of my classes in pretty much, and the teacher, Hermano Corbin, was just speaking straight Spanish to me. No english at all. At first I was overwhelmed, but then I just had to think a bit and I remembered how to speak a little bit. It was in this room a little bit later that I met the other Elders in my district. My companion is Elder Connrey Robert Miller, or Elder Miller for short! He is from Hooper, Utah and I actually really like him. He is called to serve in the Costa Rica, San Jose mission. He is super nice and he is a very hard worker. He really wants to study a lot and learn, and I am totally into that as well! So we make a really good companionship.

The others are Elder Tyler, Elder Perry, Elder Walker, Elder Moody (Canada, Edmonton Mission), and Elder Christensen (Utah, Logan Mission). Yup. Only 5 others! Elders Perry, Tyler, and Walker are a companionship of three (All of them are going to Nicaragua!) So that's pretty interesting. Our teacher is Hermano Corbin, y es de California Sur. He is super nice, and has an amazing testimony. He served in some mission in Mexico, I can't totally remember which one. But yeah, so he's our teacher. The first day was sooooooo long. I was so tired too since I only got 1 hour of sleep...classic. 
The second day it was basically all classes. It was also a long day, but whatever. I am enjoying the chances I have here to learn and serve. One cool thing that happened the second day was we met a future Mission president and his wife for the Mexico, Chihuahua misson...or something like that. President y Hemana Montoya. They were super nice and they taught us two lessons. One on Thursday and one on Friday. The lessons were on managing stress and Repentance. Also, A cool thing that happened on Thursday was that they made me the District Leader. Basically I am in charge of our district of 7 Elders, and I need to grab the mail each day, and go to meetings, and other stuff like that. Basically just more responsibilities!! Haha so I guess that's pretty cool. Oh! And I forgot to say that I have already seen Nathan here! In fact, he is in my zone! And he is just down the hall from me! We have not taken a picture yet, but I will make sure to do that.

Today, we had our first P-day, and we were able to go to the Provo Temple before it closes for two weeks! It was only my second endowment session, and first time doing it for someone else, so that was really cool, and a really amazing experience. 

We played kickball during was pretty fun I guess. And now that brings me to now! Thank you for having Ash drop off that package of goodies and stuff. It was really nice of you guys. 

I miss every single one of you guys, and I know that as I put in my work here, that you will all be able to be blessed by the Lord. I know that my mission is not going to be my work, but I am only a tool in the hand of the Lord, and I am doing his work. It's an amazing experience to be here, and I am honestly having a lot of fun. I love all of you guys so much!! I'll check back next week! 


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