Monday, October 10, 2016

Don't Worry!

Hey! Sorry for the late email! (Hopefully you weren't too worried mom.) Today is pretty weird, and I am writing again in a janky internet cafe in Rio Gallegos! I took a bus from Calafate this morning at 11:30 and arrived at Rio Gallegos around 4. Tonight, I'm gonna take a bus with some of the other kids that arrived in my group to Comodoro (12 hour bus ride) so that we can do our tremites. I actually don't know how to spell that, but basically it's the legal documentation so that we aren't illegal here in Argentina! We will do that in the mission office tomorrow and then come back. So in the next two days...I have about 26 hours of bus rides....pretty crazy. 

My Spanish is actually coming along pretty well. I can communicate decently well, and I can understand a good amount of what people say. So that's good. My Spanish is better than most of the others that came in my group so I guess I take a little pride in that. I'm trying really hard! I hope that by the time I get to Skype call at Christmas, I can speak a decent amount. I hope I can have a conversation with Jeff!

Anyways...apparently I'm better at soccer than I thought...because when we played here in this junky indoor facility place, I was actually better than most of the Latins! I scored like 6 goals so that was pretty cool! It was awesome to finally exercise again. I miss playing basketball everyday like I used to do at home. But yeah, it was fun to play soccer! I'm gonna try and buy some "remeras" or jerseys for myself when I go to Comodoro. They are cheaper there than in Calafate, I hopefully will be able to buy some for some people back home! 

After we returned from Rio Gallegos from Conference, we worked in our area for like two days, then had to drive back for Zone Meeting. And then we went back to work in Calafate. And now I'm back for Tremites! So I am literally spending so much time on buses here! It's insane. 

The work in Calafate continues to be slow, but it's okay. It's hard to teach when we are never even in our area.....haha. I hope the work will speed up as we have more time there! We did find three new investigators this week though, so that was cool. 

Here are some pics from when our power went out but continued to make banana bread in the dark with our flashlights! 

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