Monday, October 3, 2016

General Conference in Rio Gallegos!

I am currently in Rio Gallegos right now in a ciber, or an internet cafe. It's kinda cool, but the computers are so janky. 

Today for P-day we are going to play fùtbol after we finish up writing, so I didn't get a chance to play basketball, but oh well. Soccer is alright I suppose!

General Conference this weekend was amazing, and by far the most powerful I've ever experienced. Watching with a new eye as a missionary made it so powerful. Every word, sentence, and testimony was stretched in my mind and broken apart as to how I can apply it to myself and my investigators, and how I can be a more powerful missionary. Here are my highlights from conference, and things that I took from it. 

- When I pray, do I really pray? Do I feel a real connection to the heavens? Or am I using insincere, vain repetitions?
- It is not possible to fall lower than the everlasting reach of the Atonement of Jesus Christ.
- "Faith, Focus, Strong Ambition for Christ"
- If we are ambitious in Christ, we can feel joy even in the midst of our trials.
- When the Lord calls, will I hear?
-As missionaries, we bring JOY to the people of the world.
- Joy comes from living a Christ centered life.
- What can I do better this week to prepare myself for the sacrament?
- Do we know the Savior? Or do we only know "about" Him?
- Repentance is not a back-up plan in case out plan to live perfectly fails! It's a daily process of self-evaluation and improvement!
- When we are on the Lord's errand, we are entitled to His help. 
- Believing in Christ is more than just believing in Him. It's believing that His blessings can come into your personal life. For example, I know that God answers prayers. But do I believe and have faith enough that he answers MY prayers? Does the Atonement reach far enough to erase MY sins? 

Those are some of the many things I got from General Conference, and I hope that all you guys will make a change in your life in some way to get to know our Savior more. Not just know about Him, but get to know Him at a personal level, and how we can receive the blessings that he has promised us, for if we live worthy of them, we are truly entitled to them, if we have faith enough.

Here are some pics from General Conference. All of the gringos got to watch it in English in a tiny room!

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